Galley AZURUZA running by photographer KAZUO OGAWA

To make my Photos understandable for anyone, I describe the detail of each image.

All photos on this page are for making the Archival photographic prints.

I usually print with heavyweight acid-free cotton paper to avoid discoloration.

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two rose petals
image 1; Two rose petals

Two rose petals

I intended to express the softness of

petal shape which makes us feel


I used slanting and slight light

coming through the window.
Shot at my studio.


The calyx of a wild camellia
image 2; Organic system

A sepal of the wild camellia

Wild camellia is popular in Japanese


Wild camellia=Stewartia pseudo-


The snow which fell at night began

to melt out with the sunlight and

flowed along its organic form.

It was the wonderful sight occurred

in the small world.

The background is white due to snow.

Humorous and powerful form of nature.

Water flows to the living body that

finished the role and regains its luster.

Shot at my small yard facing the




Dark-red roses
image 3; Dark-red roses

The rose like a fighter in an armor was planted more than 50 years

ago by my wife’s father.
We loved this gorgeous red. Unfortunately, we lost this rose tree in 2013.

Shot at my studio.

Tochigi-Ken, japan


In The Moonlight
image 7; In The Moonlight

Narrow stairs to the moon

Light of the quietness
image 8; Light of the quietness


Growth rings
image 9; Growth rings

Growth rings of the big tree.

Cut down and hauled out from

virgin forest.

At Oze National Park located

center part of japan.

Cutting down trees in a primeval

forest is currently prohibited

by Japanese law.

Shot after rain. 

Fukushima-Ken, japan

image 10; Organic form 

Calyx of wild camellia.

The light just before sunset enhanced

colors of its own in it.

Tochigi-Ken, japan


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